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Body lotions, soaps, and lotion bars that contain lanolin.
Wool mattress pads for a better sleep!
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Marcha Lab "Wool Wax" Hand Cream Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap Bee Bar with Lanolin
Hand Cream with lanolin
Our Price: $3.25
Bee Bar with Lanolin
Our Price: $7.00
"Wool Wax Cream" - a lotion that is a lightly scented skin care
product containing lanolin that leaves the skin dry to the touch after use.
No oliy skin care product. It counteracts roughness, chapping, and other
skin problems.
A Fine hand finished soap made to traditional formula exclusive to Mitchell's, LTD.
The natural lanolin from sheep's wool keeps your skin soft.
Mild in use- great for the whole family!
Imported from England
Moisturize, Soothe, and Relieve! This bar offers soothing relief to seriously dry skin. Ideal for daily use, this hand and body lotion bar contains a blend of lanolin & shea butter and other natural oils and emollients to moisturize and relieve dry skin, hands, elbows, and feet. Attractively wrapped and presented in a beautiful reusable tin. Available in the 2 oz which is great for your purse or pocket.
Fragrances-Vanilla, Honey, Natural and Sweet meadow- these are only available in the larger size..
Bee Bar Cream with Lanolin Aroma Microwavable snuggle Hottie Snug Fleece Mattress pad
Wool Mattress pads
Our Price: $258.00

Our signature product, the Vanilla Bee Cream, is conveniently available in an creamy lotion.So thick and rich. Precious honey and Royal Jelly- the nectar of youth for the Queen Bee, naturally retain moisture for thirsty cells. As you use this cream, you will notice a restorative soothing feeling on your skin. Available in a 4 oz tube and an 8 oz jar.. Made in the USA naturally.

Our cuddly knitted microwave hottie Lamb is the prefect way to keep warm and cozy at night in bed or cuddling up on the sofa. Each one comes with a removable microwave inner that is gently warmed in the microwave for a long lasting soothing warmth. It's also gently scented with lavender, which is releasing with the warmth to give a relaxing scent to help you drift of into a relaxing sleep. Made from 10% lambswool and 90% acrylic and beautifully packaged they make the perfect gift.
Wool is the Ultimate in softness and support!
It has a natural thermostat- the multi-dimentional fibers repel each other creating air pockets that trap the body's heat keep your temperature regulated.The air spaces allow the air to flow around your body providing the warmth we need on a cold night.
The cushioning effect of the wool fibers cradle your every move distributing your body weight Pressure on hips, shoulders, and heels is relieved resulting in uninterrupted sleep. Reduces body pain.
The mattress pads  are available in two heights 1.5 and 1.25 inches (65oz wool and 55oz wool respectively), with wide elastic bands at the corners to keep on the mattress. They are machine washable.
Other sizes are available- call or email for prices.