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A fun list pad for a stocking stuffer!
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Lamb Angel Card "Dinner for Two" Sheep Greeting Card Sheep Greeting Card
Lamb Angel Card
Our Price: $2.95
A single blank card and envelope. Each card measures 5 x 7"

Printed in the USA
recycled Paper
Blank inside
Blank inside
Printed in the USA
Recycled paper
"First Date" Sheep Greeting Card "Woolly Thinking" Notepad Notebook-" Splendid Sheep"
Printed in the USA
Blank inside
Recycled papers
Notebook with soft back and a flittered finish on the cover and a magnetic fashioner to keep closed.
Pad of 100 blank pages 3.5 x 3.5"
Imported from England

40 lined pages
"Sheepish Scribbles" " Clever collies" Small spiral note pad Thank Ewe Notes
"Sheepish Scribbles"
Our Price: $5.95
Thank Ewe Notes
Our Price: $6.95

Notebook- soft backed with a Kraft paper cover,
80 black pages-20 of which are Kraft paper and are in the center of the notebook 3.6" x 5.0"

Imported from England
Design by Alwx Clark
Five sparkly cards and envelopes design by British artist Alex Clark..
The sheep's horns, red spots on her cheek, and the flower in her mouth are adorned with sparkles.
Great little thank ewe notes

"Sheep Happens" List Pad Gracias Alpaca  Note Set Christmas Thank You Notes
Gracias Alpaca Note Set
Our Price: $6.95
List pad with 50 sheet 2 different thank you alpaca cards
Printed in Switzerland-Lovely card for a thoughtful note at Christmas
Wooly Tales Note Cards Wandering Ewes Note Cards Sheep Note Card Set
Wooly Tales Note Cards
Our Price: $7.95
Sheep Note Card Set
Our Price: $7.95
Wooly tales, a watercolor design by Ellen Diederich, looks like the sheep are talking to one another and telling their secrets.
8 cards and 9 envelopes per box.
The 5 x 6.5" cards are blank inside
This series of note cards created from watercolor pictures of sheep painted by Ellen Diedrich.
This one is of three ewes in a summer meadow full of lush grass.
The cards measure 4.5 x 6.25 and packaged 8 cards and 9 envelopes per package.
They are blank inside, and are printed on recycled paper.
The sheep note card set consists of a brown notecards with a primitive design of a sheep on the front.
Inside is cream paper for writing.
The 13 note cards (measuring 8.5 x 5.5") and envelopes come in a great box with a magnetic closure.
To complete the notes, the envelopes are also the same brown on one side and cream with the same accents as the inside of the card on the side used for the address
Sweater Patch II Note Cards "Love Ewe" Mug Arnold Border collie & Ewe Notes
"Love Ewe" Mug
Our Price: $8.95
Printed on Recycled Paper in the USA

Ceramic mug with the "Love Ewe" Design.
Comes in a gift wrap box

Joan Arnold has provided a great note card!
A working Border collie and a ewe done with black ink on white paper.
8 cards and envelopes per package.

Thomas Joseph Note Cards " Counting Sheep" Notecards Sheep Note Cards
Sheep Note Cards
Our Price: $9.95
Designed by Alex Clark
Blank Inside
4 different designs

Scott Church design. Same artist has done the Continental Christmas Card.
Alex Colville Folio of Notecards Gracias Alpaca Notes "Notes for Ewe" List Pad
Gracias Alpaca Notes
Our Price: $9.95
"Notes for Ewe" List Pad
Our Price: $10.95
Alex Colville, a Canadian around 1920, was one of the greatest realist painters of our time.
While the images capture moments of ordinary time, they have a timeless quality imbued with many layers of significance.
Thes two, the cow and calf and the three sheep have been put together in this folio of note cards.
There are 10 cards ( 5 of each design) and 10 envelopes. Blank inside
4.75 x 6.75"

8 per pack

Soft backed list pad with a 3 circular magnet for fixing to a refrig.

Contains 100 lined and illustrated pages for making those

vital notes (9.0" x 4.0")

Border collie pups note cards Lord is My Shepherd Notecards Thomas Joseph Large Journal
Thomas Joseph Journals
Our Price: $10.95
An original painting by Pollyanna Pickering was used for this note card of the Border collie pups going
for a ride. Embossing was used both to accent the colored picture as well as the images of the Border collie pups on the bottom of the card.The front of the card is done in a soft green to emphasize the scene in the color picture. All Pumpernickel Press cards are done with Agri-inks on recycled paper and the entire production is done in the USA.
There are 10 (4 x 5.5") cards and envelopes per box of notes. They are blank inside.

12 cards/ envelopes per box -2 designs by Susan Winget

Full color art work on cards with decorated envelopes

Foil embellishments 5.25 x 4 cards

Washable Cover

HeyEwe Note cards by Bonnie Mohr Sheep Journal The Sheep of Things to Come Note Cards
HeyEwe Notecards
Our Price: $12.00
Sheep Journal
Our Price: $12.95
The scene of a flock of sheep grazing on a warm summer afternoon, depicted on this note card is based on a original oil painting by Bonnie Mohr. Each sheep has its own spirit, some adventurous, some curious, and others just follow. We each know a group of people with some of the same characteristics.
There are 10 cards and envelopes per package and are blank inside for writing thank yous and thoughts to special people. (6.25 x 5")
Inported from England
Design by Alex Clark
Check out the new design.! "The Sheep of things to come."
New age sheep on a 5 x 6.75" card. 8 cards and envelopes per box
and printed in the USA on paper from responsibly managed forests.
the blue behind the card in the picture coordinate with the headphones on the sheep.