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A stuffed lamb with an attitude!
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Lambykins "If I were a Lamb" book & lamb Marshahmallow & Clemintine lamb
Our Price: $7.95
"If I were a Lamb" Book
Our Price: $12.50
Marshmallow & Small lamb
Our Price: $15.95
A smaller lamb ( 6") just right to fit in little hands. This sheep sits  everywhere and has a soft
light green bow.
A lamb book with all hard pages that has a story about sheep on every page. Complete with a tail and soft areas for little hands to touch. 6 pages, ready to read to the toddler in your family. The pages are washable and somewhat chewable.
The cost of the book is $12.50. The lamb, available in two sizes is available also in the kid's section.
Clemintine lamb is the little lamb to the right. It is 5" tall and 5" long, with black feet and nose, with soft wool-like fleece. A great toy!
Marshmallow has been replaced by the new Marshmallow. Only Clementine is now available from this picture.
Bashful Lambs Fuddlewuddle Lamb Furcoat Sheep
Bashful Lambs
Our Price: $18.75
Fuddlewuddle Lamb
Our Price: $19.95
Furcoat Sheep
Our Price: $28.95
A soft cuddly lamb, with a very soft fleece. Just right for the little shepherd in your midst!
It is available in two sizes- the 12" and the 6" . The larger lamb is $ 18.75 and the small one is $13.95
Time for a cuddle! Super shy Fuddlewuddle lamb needs someone to cozy up to. She is a sweet baby lamb who needs lots of loving. With scrumptiously soft hooves and white ears to scruffle, as well as a belly to tickle, she loves playing with all those young shepherds. Fuddlewuddle now has a tan face and ears.
Furcoat sheep is thrilled with her new clothes-one very hip sheep.
This model is a designer and has made new trim for her feet.- ready to show off.
In style, she is ahead of the flock!
Organic Sheep Blankie New White Stuffed Sheep for 2013
Organic Sheep Blankie
Our Price: $29.95
An organic Sheep blankie (some call it a lovie) is made from soft organic cotton and certified safe dyes. It is approximately 12 x 12" square and is perfect for small hands. Hand knit with love.
This gift will bring joy over and over.
So soft!
New White Stuffed Sheep for 2013

New delightful sheep for the younger set. Comes in three sizes-20", 14", and 10"
Soft and cuddly