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A stuffed lamb with an attitude!
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Lambykins Baberoo 10" Stuffed Sheep "If I were a Lamb" book & lamb
Our Price: $7.95
"If I were a Lamb" Book
Our Price: $12.50
A smaller lamb ( 6") just right to fit in little hands. This sheep sits  everywhere and has a soft
light green bow.
Fun sheep for this year. Available in two sizes, a musical , and a nursery rug.
A lamb book with all hard pages that has a story about sheep on every page. Complete with a tail and soft areas for little hands to touch. 6 pages, ready to read to the toddler in your family. The pages are washable and somewhat chewable.
The cost of the book is $12.50. The lamb, available in two sizes is available also in the kid's section.
Marshahmallow & Clemintine lamb Bashful Lambs Fuddlewuddle Lamb
Marshmallow & Small lamb
Our Price: $15.95
Bashful Lambs
Our Price: $18.75
Fuddlewuddle Lamb
Our Price: $19.95
Clemintine lamb is the little lamb to the right. It is 5" tall and 5" long, with black feet and nose, with soft wool-like fleece. A great toy!
Marshmallow has been replaced by the new Marshmallow. Only Clementine is now available from this picture.
A soft cuddly lamb, with a very soft fleece. Just right for the little shepherd in your midst!
It is available in two sizes- the 12" and the 6" . The larger lamb is $ 18.75 and the small one is $13.95
Time for a cuddle! Super shy Fuddlewuddle lamb needs someone to cozy up to. She is a sweet baby lamb who needs lots of loving. With scrumptiously soft hooves and white ears to scruffle, as well as a belly to tickle, she loves playing with all those young shepherds. Fuddlewuddle now has a tan face and ears.
Fuddlewuddle Lamb Furcoat Sheep Organic Sheep Blankie
The New Marshmallow Lamb
Our Price: $19.95
Furcoat Sheep
Our Price: $28.95
Organic Sheep Blankie
Our Price: $29.95
Soft super plush with the well loved look.
This new lamb is 9" tall.
Suitable from birth on.
Product will be in after Christmas- check out Fuddlewuddle lamb- he is almost the same
Furcoat sheep is thrilled with her new clothes-one very hip sheep.
This model is a designer and has made new trim for her feet.- ready to show off.
In style, she is ahead of the flock!
An organic Sheep blankie (some call it a lovie) is made from soft organic cotton and certified safe dyes. It is approximately 12 x 12" square and is perfect for small hands. Hand knit with love.
This gift will bring joy over and over.
So soft!
Putty Lambs - Stuffed Sheep for 2017
New delightful sheep for the younger set. Comes in two sizes 17" and 12"
Soft and cuddly. The larger cream lamb is 17" tall ($29.95)
The grey one is 12" tall and sells for $19.95