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Lovely Books for the little shepherds!
and bashful lamb, as well as his many friends, would make
a good addition to that gift

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Melamine Lamb Cup Lambykins Sheep key Ring
Melamine Lamb Cup
Our Price: $4.95
Our Price: $7.95
Wash on top shelf of the dishwasher
Hand washing is recommended.
A smaller lamb ( 6") just right to fit in little hands. This sheep sits  everywhere and has a soft
light green bow.
Sheep Key Holder

What a great find!
This little sheep on a ring can be a key chain,
a sheep for a book bag, or can be put on a jacket.
 Comes in white or black.

Melamine Lamb Plate Baa Baa Baby Bib Lamby Booties
Melamine Lamb Plate
Our Price: $8.95
Baby Bib with Lamb
Our Price: $8.95
Lamby Booties
Our Price: $8.95
Do not use in the Microwave.
Can be used on the top shelf of the dishwasher, but it is recommended to hand wash.
Baa Baa Baby Bib
A soft velour cream bib made out of polyseter fibers that is machine washable. It has a lovely embroidered soft lamb center front, and is trimmed with a satin ruffle and a cream bow. It has a velcro closure on the top, and the edges are also trimmed in a satin trim.
This bib  is made from non-toxic, hygienic materials, flame retardant, colorfast, washable, and PVC free. This product meets or exceeds gov. safety standards.
These adorable white faux fleece slippers in the shape of lambs are just the thing to keep a young shepherd's feet warm. Knit  cuffs.
The size is for 6-12 months
Bashful Lamb's Naptime Book "If I were a Lamb" book & lamb Organic Hand Knit Baby Sheep Rattle
Naptime Book
Our Price: $10.95
"If I were a Lamb" Book
Our Price: $12.50
Explore the wonderfully whimsical world of Jellycat in this board book,
following the story of a baby favorite, Bashful Lamb. Guaranteed to
delight  with the beautiful illustrations and sweet story, you may end
up reading this book more than once!
A lamb book with all hard pages that has a story about sheep on every page. Complete with a tail and soft areas for little hands to touch. 6 pages, ready to read to the toddler in your family. The pages are washable and somewhat chewable.
The cost of the book is $12.50. The lamb, available in two sizes is available also in the kid's section.
100% organic tanguis cotton ( with poly-fil)
Approximately 4" in diameter
Machine wash gentle
Fair trade made
Leapin Lamb Book Organic Hand Knit Baby Mittens Fun with little lamb- a soft baby book
Leapin Lamb Book
Our Price: $12.95
Jellycat features this 5 page board book for your toddler. Each page has something to feel, or touch,
as you read this lovely story about a little lamb.
And this lamb even has a tail.
Fuddlewuddle Lamb is also available- check out the stuffed animal page.

A great addition to the sheep sweater shown above. A loveable pair of sheep friends for the littlest fingers.
Sized to fit most little hands up to 6 months.

A soft baby book called "Fun with Little Lamb"
This little book has an engaging baby storyline with colorful flaps, tags, and an unbreakable mirror for baby.
It is surface washable and appliqued front and back.

"Crinkle Me" Taggies Lamb Book Lille Lamb's Bible Organic Sheep Hand Knit Slippers
Little Lamb's Bible
Our Price: $15.99
Washable board book.
Soft , crinkles, and has ribbons to taste and feel
Little Lamb's Bible is a soft cuddly book that children 2-5 can call their own. A great introduction to many familiar stories from the Bible, told at their level.
Just look at that winsome face.

"Simpson's Sheep Won't Go to Sleep" Book Bashful Lambs Organic Hand Knit Sheep Baby Hat
Bashful Lambs
Our Price: $18.75

Farmer Simpson works all day.
He plants his corn, and beans, and hay.
His feet get tired, his nose gets red.
At night, he likes to go to bed.

But Simpson's sheep have other plans -- and sleep is not one of them! They think of every excuse to stay awake
Great new book for children!
A soft cuddly lamb, with a very soft fleece. Just right for the little shepherd in your midst!
It is available in two sizes- the 12" and the 6" . The larger lamb is $ 18.75 and the small one is $13.95
Organic Knit Sheep Stuffed Animal Putty Lambs from Mary Meyer Fuddlewuddle Lamb
Putty Lambs
Our Price: $19.95
Fuddlewuddle Lamb
Our Price: $19.95
Cutie the Lamb, an organic stuffed animal,is made from soft organic cotton yarns and certified-safe dyes. So soft and squishy, you won't be able to let go.
Children of cooperative workers are helped by the Fair Indigo Foundation, which provides educational programs and supplies.
Whether you are looking for a fair trade baby gift, and organic baby gift, or just a cute bay sheep, this might be your answer.
Newest Nursery lambs from Mary Meyer for the modern mom to have in the nursery!.
Time for a cuddle! Super shy Fuddlewuddle lamb needs someone to cozy up to. She is a sweet baby lamb who needs lots of loving. With scrumptiously soft hooves and white ears to scruffle, as well as a belly to tickle, she loves playing with all those young shepherds. Fuddlewuddle now has a tan face and ears.
Fuddlewuddle Lamb Fuzzy Fleece Plush Sheep Slippers Security Blanket & Plush Baby Gift
The New Marshmallow Lamb
Our Price: $19.95
Soft super plush with the well loved look.
This new lamb is 9" tall.
Suitable from birth on.
Product will be in after Christmas- check out Fuddlewuddle lamb- he is almost the same
Fuzzy Fleece Plush Sheep Slippers for kids
Available in M (8-10) and L (11-13)
It is a soft slouch slipper with a polyester leather like sole for durability

A baby gift from Bearington Baby!
Baby Hat & Sock Set Lamby Hugs Towel Hot Hugs Lamb
Baby Hat & Sock Set
Our Price: $24.95
Lamby Hugs Towel
Our Price: $24.95
Hot Hugs Lamb
Our Price: $24.95
Made in the USA of eco friendly recycled cotton.
Lamby Hugs Towel
Just imagine wrapping your little one in this soft towel with the lamb's
head in one corner. What fun!
The towel measures 24 x 24" and is just the right size for the little shepherd's bath.
Made with the highest quality soft fabrics!
This sheep has an easily removable tummy insert which can be heated in the microwave for one minute to make it warm and cozy. The inset has been infused with lavender and camomile. Just pot it back in to hug your sore muscles or help that hurt in a child.

Sheep Frames Organic Sheep Blankie Putty Lambs - Stuffed Sheep for 2017
Sheep Frames
Our Price: $24.95
Organic Sheep Blankie
Our Price: $29.95
Two different green frames with a magnetic sheep and bow.
These frames can be used both vertically and horizontally.
The apple green frame has small dots and the teal colored frame
has a voile look for the texture.
An organic Sheep blankie (some call it a lovie) is made from soft organic cotton and certified safe dyes. It is approximately 12 x 12" square and is perfect for small hands. Hand knit with love.
This gift will bring joy over and over.
So soft!
New delightful sheep for the younger set. Comes in two sizes 17" and 12"
Soft and cuddly. The larger cream lamb is 17" tall ($29.95)
The grey one is 12" tall and sells for $19.95